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  • Interesting video - Paros kitesurf 2014
    Roman Rilejev (ABoards Kiteboarding), X-series
    Paros kitesurf 2014/07 02:13
    Paros kitesurf 2014/07 No description
    videos 10 days ago
  • MeeLom created a new topic ' Website' in the forum.
    Hey Jase, Good to see your website is still running... i actually couldnt login about a year ago and thought u had dis-continued the website.. I just found i can get back to your website and check out the latest news.. Just wondered if other ppl are having the same problem
    Read More... 152 days ago
  • Kevin Henry created a new topic ' Cheap mountain board?' in the forum.
    Back home for a month in Christchurch, light wind and low tides got me down... Anywhere to get a dirt cheap board from? I won't be able to take it back to Japan so it has to be cheap :)
    Read More... 154 days ago
  • Howdy Kiters Looks like a nice little low pressure spot is rolling in from the the North West tomorrow over Northland and down into Auckland. My prediction for the Hot Spot tomorrow would be Eastern Beach at 5pm. With low tide scheduled for 17:08 and for 25 knots easterly, this will be going off. Race you there after work! [attachment]
    Read More... 187 days ago
  • created a new topic ' Test Topic for New Server' in the forum.
    Testing posting time on new server.
    Read More... 187 days ago
  • huntox created a new topic ' kiting in Hawkes Bay' in the forum.
    just some kiting at Awatoto in Hawkes Bay, from a gopro in the kite
    Read More... 507 days ago
  • Andy Cogar replied to the topic '90 mile beach dates and who is actually in' in the forum.
    Did this trip ever happen? I've moved to Kerikeri from Christchurch and would be up for it if anyone would consider the full beach buggy? Andy
    Read More... 521 days ago
  • MeeLom created a new topic ' How to make a backpack mount...' in the forum.
    I found this site the other day and thought i'd give it a go Most of the materials were around the house and i ended up substituting wood for the cutting board and copper tube for the PVC tube (found it had too much flex) and purchased the T connectors from mega mitre10 Here's my end result and the masterplan
    Read More... 542 days ago
  • lab created a new topic ' Ozone bar and lines lost at Orewa' in the forum.
    Also lost bar and lines Saturday at Orewa. But Ozone. Please call on 021338433 if you rescued them for me. Cheers.
    Read More... 544 days ago
  • Ozone are helping to make kitesurfing safer in Raglan this summer with the generous donation of a brand new kite to be auctioned with all proceeds going to Raglan Coastguard. Ozone is one the worlds leading kitesurf brands. They moved their Kitesports Division to Raglan in 2008 to take advantage of consistent winds, clean water and a New Zealand lifestyle. Matt Taggart, managing director of Ozone Kites & Kitesurf recognises the role that coastguard play in keeping kiters safe on their home patch: “Its amazing to have the expertise of the Raglan Coastguard Team and its something we probably all take for granted. We recently donated a kite to the Raglan Fire Service auction evening and wished to also support the Coastguard Team in recognition of two organisations that put so much into our community.” Raglan Coastguard operates entirely as a volunteer organisation. Working in the challenging waters around Raglan, they rely on donations to ensure the crews have the best possible equipment to do their job. Kitesurfers are some of Raglan's main water users, with up to 100 kiters hitting the water over a busy summer weekend. While most kitesurfers are well trained and safety conscious, as in any water-sport, occasionally things go wrong and the Coastguard has been called to assist on a number of occasions. Special training sessions are even carried out by the unit to make sure that crews can safely and effectively rescue kiters in distress. A brand new 2013 Catalyst 10m2, complete with bar and lines, will be auctioned on Trademe just in time for Christmas. The Catalyst is suitable for all experience levels, and would make a perfect beginners kite. Kitesurfing design has radically changed in the past three years making it a far safer sport as the industry has matured and boomed. The growth of kiting in the past year or two can easily be seen on most days here in Raglan with 12 to 65 year olds loving Raglans world class spot. Trademe Auction Link: Check it out at: All proceeds from this auction will go directly to Raglan coastguard, and it is a fully tax deductible charity donation. Kitesurfing lessons are available from Raglan Kitesurf School so if you fancy getting into this amazing sport go for the bidding and book a lesson with Raglan Kitesurfing School. Raglan Coastguard are very grateful to Ozone for their support and look forward to working together to keeping kiting safe and fun. Come to Raglan and enjoy a water-sports paradise right on your doorstep.
    Read More... 585 days ago
  • bob72 created a new topic ' ABoards contest' in the forum.
    Aboards are making again facebook contest with a board in prize: [image]
    Read More... 604 days ago
  • replied to the topic 'Lost Underground Styx Kite Board' in the forum.
    Hi Tim Gutting to hear about your lost board. Did you have name and mobile on this one? Will probably be found by the older folks out at Clark's on their morning strolls! BTW: where did you launch from at Clarke's Beach? What was is like? Wind direction, tide, conditions etc? Cheers Jase
    Read More... 656 days ago

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